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Dr. Laurie Betito, Sex Therapist: On Love, Passion, Sex, Marriage and How To Make It All Work

Season 1, Episode 6 is now live! It’s beyond exciting to be able to take and OFF THE FENCE LIVING and bring it to your ear, wherever you go. Today gives new meaning to the song, Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby! If you are wondering about things like: how to keep the passion alive in your relationship, how…
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Summer Is Here NOW

Hello, beautiful ladies! I’ve been back in action this week. The summer has been a lovely mix of work and play. I usually take two consecutive weeks off, but this year I split my weeks up. Early July, I went to California with Hilly, and two exhausted and overwhelmed parents began to relax. We just…
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In All the Illusions of Social Media Perfection, Here I Am

#TruthTuesday in effect. Guys, this is me. I wrestled sharing this, but I am all about authenticity – I think you know that by now. So, let’s get to it, shall we? I always share with a purpose and for a reason. Last fall, I kissed my son goodnight and we leaned into each other…
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Happy Birthday To Me

By Janice Croze 46 today. I am still here, baby. I have more pounds and wrinkles than I want. But I am still here — and I will never be as young as I am today! My dad died when he was 56 of a brain aneurism and his dad died at 42 of a…
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Happy #InternationalSelfCareDay With A Side of Mindfulness, Please!

Direct link: Happy International Self-Care Day! And I couldn’t think of a better day to discuss mindfulness than on this day. After all, mindfulness (a form of meditation), is indeed a form self-care. Mindfulness has almost become THE word of 2019. But what is it, and does it work? Well it does, and as a…
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Growing Inner Strength

By Dr. Rick Hanson What would make a difference inside you?The Practice: Grow Inner Strengths.Why? I’ve hiked a lot and have often had to depend on what was in my pack. Inner strengths are the supplies you’ve got in your pack as you make your way down the twisting and often hard road of life. They include a…
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Breathing and Brain Health: The Connection Is Deeper Than You Think

By Audrey Throne Growing up, every time I’d leave the house for an exam, and even today, among many other things, my mom would always tell me, “Don’t forget to breathe!” Probably because during exam days, I was usually on the verge of a breakdown and too stressed out to relax and take a deep…
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The Erica Diamond Podcast Is Here!

When something is the culmination of your life’s work of the past 20 years, you feel calm and in your sweet spot. Well, not entirely calm, but that’s how it feels to launch my new podcast on the first day of summer. Welcome to The Erica Diamond Podcast! Getting you motivated and inspired by conversations with today’s thought leaders…
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Oprah in Montreal: My AHA Moments and Life Lessons From A Path Made Clear Tour

Direct link: Sunday night on Father’s Day, I had a magical evening with mom and Oprah. I had so many AHA Moments and lessons learned from Oprah’s Path Made Clear tour here in Montreal, and I’m so glad Global TV let me share those insights on TV this morning. Confession: I am an Oprah groupie! I totally am. Whatever she’s sellin’, I’m buyin’!…
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It Feels Like Summer!

Quoting one of my favorite songs right now by Childish Gambino, “It Feels Like Summer.” Finally! And although my favorite season for fashion is fall (gotta be honest), my favorite season for feeling ALIVE is summer! So let’s get excited! Let’s take off the sweaters and the jackets, and let’s embrace the heat. It’s Summer #FashionFriday, baby!…
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